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14 September 2011 @ 12:05 am
day 011. your siblings. (in great detail.)
Most of you reading this will already be aware I have one brother, eight years my junior. This would make him eleven on November fifth. Often times my brother is mention as comedic relief as he is very witty, smart, and usually intentionally (or unintentionally) funny. My brother has very interesting quirks that make him a beautiful person, and there are traits that make him very difficult.

Most of the time my brother and me spent most of our time arguing when he was even younger than he is now. Now, at the (almost) age of eleven he has matured a bit, and is less quick to jump to yelling than he originally was, but he is still fairly hot-tempered. My brother is a teakettle: he's quiet for a minute and then he blows. He has yet to perfect the art of letting his anger off in productive ways, or controlling it to keep himself from getting in worse trouble. As it is very apparent, my brother has anger issues. Yet if that were the entire story it would make it hard to love him as I do.

My brother is fiercely loyal. He sticks by his friends without contempt and would do anything for them (which can be a great weakness as it is a strength). Unfortunately, like me, he has problems with friends taking advantage of that fierce loyalty, which usually leads him into trouble. Many a times I have had to sit with him and tell him it is okay because of some of his friends rudeness and stupidity to try and ruin the person who is the most loyal to them.

My brother is dependable, takes every job he does with much seriousness, and is extremely sensitive. This above all else is what leads him to his anger, but it also leads him to the greatest compassion. I would protect my brother so long as he is in need of it, and even if he is to be taller than me, he will always know I have his back-as I pray he will have mine.

You will find no greater friend and confidant than my brother. And as such, I am proud to call him my blood brother.