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14 September 2011 @ 11:27 pm
give my gun away when it's loaded  
language archive

I had this idea in my head a few hours ago to archive the languages I wish to learn and maybe in the future how far I am with them (or in some form or another). These languages are listed by priority at the time. If I change my mind in which ones I'd like to do first then they will be first, etc. When I think of more to do with this I shall. In the mean time I believe I will explain the reason why I chose this language to learn.

if you have any questions-please ask in the comments.

I'll be perfectly honest when I say that when I heard someone speak in Swedish that it reminded me a lot of German. Maybe that is how I became interested originally in the language, but it did not manifest until I started watching True Blood & they were speaking in Swedish. It really peeked my interest and so I have decided to learn some simple Swedish words to make me feel better until I can devote time to a new full language.

words i've learned in Swedish: brother
this list will continue to grow. atm i am only teaching myself words and simple phrases as i do not have time to devote to learning a new full language.

Some may or may not know that my mother is German. This is the main reason I wish to learn German, but also because I find a longing with German, as I do with Swedish. Maybe it the way it sounds but I feel like I can wrap my head around pronunciation for these two languages rather than others. German has fascinated me, and so I chalk that up to personal interest and blood relations. Not much to say about it other than that.